4 Important Things to Include on Your Home Service Website in 2021


by Tony Ybarra



When it comes to websites there really are a lot of options. There are really cool special effects, video, animations and graphics that are available to small business owners. The sheer scope of what’s out there can be mind-boggling and somewhat overwhelming.

But in the end, it really comes down to 4 basic but important things that you really need to have on your website so, in this post, I’m going to run through 4 things that every business website should have.

1) What products and services you offer

People are very busy and will leave your website in a matter of seconds if they’re not sure that they’re “in the right place.”

Including specific information on your website about what products and services you offer (as well as things like where you’re located and when you’re open) will make it easy for people to confirm that you can provide what they need.

2) Who you are

People tend to be cautious when doing business online. Therefore, you need to build trust with them by telling them a little bit about yourself or your business.

Photos of yourself or your team, photos of your office or building, and information about any membership organizations that you’re part of can all help build trust with your potential customers


3) Why customers should choose you specifically

A lot of business owners focus on getting their websites to the top of search engines and getting a lot of people to go to their websites, but few business owners ask the next question…

How can I get my website to be as effective as possible at actually getting people to contact me and become customers?

Once you’ve told people what you do and who you are, the next step to making your website effective at turning visitors into paying customers is to tell them why they should become customers of your business specifically.

What makes your business unique?

What special services, products, capabilities, add-ons, guarantees, or advantages does your business offer?

4) Your contact information

Your contact information should be included on your website in multiple places. It should always be up-to-date and be easy for visitors to find.

It’s also important that it’s clear to visitors how they should contact you to take the next step.

For instance, it’s better to have one large phone number at the top of your website with the words “call now for a free consultation” than to have a page with contact information for twelve different employees.

The reality is that if someone doesn’t know who to call or what to do next, they are more likely to leave your website than to try to figure it out.

So although we could add all the glimmer and bells and whistles to a website, in reality, they are not all that necessary to reach your target client base.

The good news is that one has only to focus on these four areas.

If you still find finding it difficult to put it all together, we at The Code Nerds can help your existing brand reposition itself in ways that remain relevant when new trends and consumer preferences emerge. Whether it is the price structure, the services offered, on-page SEO, or off-page SEO, or likes- we as one of the Top Branding Agencies help you with branding, designing, and developing campaigns to boost awareness and consumer action.


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