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The Code Nerds LLC

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About Us

We help home service companies win the best jobs, stand out from the competition, and DOMINATE in their market.


Sherry Ybarra

Sherry Ybarra

Co-owner | Project Manager

I’ve spent over 20+ years working developing & perfecting the skills and strategies that power our M³ Magnetic Marketing Machine system™ For Home Service Pros & Entrepreneurs.

Also, I’m a business owner just like you and I know it is important to get results without feeling like you are gambling your money away.

Tony Ybarra

Tony Ybarra

Co-owner | Creative Director | Lead Developer

Tony’s idea for was conceived when he was only thirteen. Born of a struggling family owning a Commodore 64 was more than he could ask for. His love for the basic computer would later inspire his ascension to top-tier web design.

Tony’s other interests; coding and the internet marketing market would propel his creations for aggressive businesses. saw its early creation as part time engagement. As time went by, Tony’s idea would still drive him to learn and practice the best design innovations.

After 20 years of web design, The Code Nerds LLC was finally launched in 2017. Since then, the company has risen to become one of the sought after web developers in Denver/Thornton, CO.

Marsha Lopez

Marsha Lopez


Marsha has been with The Code Nerds for over three years. She has graphic design degree from Arizona State. She has been an awesome addition to the team! Marsha enjoys time with her family and enjoys spending her free time skiing and reading.


Jess Perezez

Jess Perezez

Social Media Expert

I am Christ-centered mom of 3, aspiring artist, wife, singer, daughter & more! All of these unique & spontaneous creations come from my heart to reach yours. I’ve been creating for 10+ years & have bounced around all mediums. My husband & kids are my inspiration for trying new things.

They are always by my side, encouraging & inspiring me to move forward & learn new techniques. I hope you gain a sense of who we are.

Hernan Perez

Hernan Perez




Carlos Denis Montes

Carlos Denis Montes

Content Writer

Carlos has been a writer for over 15+ years. He is an amazing talent and has worked for The Code Nerds virtually for over 2 years. He enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his dog Ralphy.

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