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Pizzeria Lui

Pizzeria Lui in Lakewood has pizza lovers from all over Colorado flocking to their establishment. With a commitment to preparing pizzas with love, this restaurant guarantees customers an enjoyable experience every time they come by the door! Customers can enjoy seasonal ingredients and wines or craft beers that are ice-cold at Pizzzera Lui while enjoying one-of-a-kind pizzas made using only premium quality cheese and crusts.

The food is amazing and the prices are unbeatable!


PPC – Landing Pages-Lead Capture Website – Modern Design.  A long term SEO campaign w/ Internet Marketing Campaign – Generated All Content & Content Marketing

The Mission

This was a delicious projectwink This was another emergency situation where the client had a web design company that went out of business and he needed his website saved and pronto!


Final Results

Pizzeria Lui in Lakewood, CO was having problems with their website. Their previous web designer went out of business and they needed help fast!

They came to The Code Nerds – Denver Web Design where we were able to get onto the hosting company that hosted Pizzeria’s old site so we could create a new modern one built for mobile-first using SEO in mind as well.

As a result of our work with Zach, we revamped his website into one that is mobile-first and uses the latest tech. With fast load speeds built-in, it’s great for SEO as well!

We look forward to launching the store later on!

Thanks Zack for this mouthwatering treat!






Pizzeria Lui

Main Highlights