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Website Design Pricing Guide 2021

Pricing your business website design

Thanks for your interest in working with us. Below is our business website pricing structure. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to pay for one of our small business websites, as well as examine different ways you can work with us if you’re on a tighter budget.

Don’t risk your budget on a one-size-fits-all website.

What goals do you have for your company? What is your goal for your new website? Your company’s goals should be directly tied into your website and its core function should be to serve your business in obtaining those benchmarks and objectives.
Your websites sole existence should be to lead your business to greener pastures.
That being said, it is our assertion that the only website worth investing in is one that’s created specifically to help your business achieve those goals.

ROI is very important to us.

If you’re going to spend money on a website please keep in mind that ROI is usually not a concern or strategy for most designers when creating the design of a website. Understand that not all websites are created equal and most are not designed with your businesses ROI, goals and objectives in mind.

That’s why each project we start begins with a discovery process. Deep and intense, our research helps us identify what we must be focusing on and helps us uncover the perfect strategy, tactics, and content that will help us in creating a website that delivers high ROI.

We then package up all this information into what we call our S.M.A.R.T™ roadmap we distribute it in a way that helps us create a powerful and valuable marketing tool — your website.

As you can see trying to make that level of customization possible, we can’t offer up-front price quotes. There are just too many variables and customizations at play.
But we can at least give you ballpark ranges of what you can expect to pay. And we can, of course, take your budget into consideration when we brainstorm your strategy.

All of our packages begin with our S.M.A.R.T™ Roadmap Discovery, the cornerstone of your website design.

Discovery Package: S.m.a.r.t™ Roadmap as a deliverable: starting at $2K 

If you feel comfortable doing it yourself or you have an in-house team that can build out your design, using a page builder may be suitable. While they can be very limiting, they can work quite well if you know what needs to be included in the website design so that our objectives are met. That’s exactly what we give you with the SMART™ roadmap, this should be at the core of any project but is quite often the missing piece that many web designers do not implement much less put the time in to understand. Frankly, it’s the difference between a successful or unsuccessful website.

Our strategy is to meet with you over several meetings to get to know your business, your goals, your customers and your competition. We will spend hours of research on our end to get this part just right as it is an incredibly important step in our game-plan.

By the time we are done with our discovery, you will have the information necessary to turn this well thought out and detailed document into a highly converting website. Here’s what you’ll recieve within this document:

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Customer avatar:  A  fully researched well defined and specific audience and customer profile,

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‘Done for you’ Online sales funnel strategy:  A step by step strategy on how to get your perfect customer to your site at just the right point in the sales funnel and ready to spend,

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Best in class U/X Design:  A complete user experience (U/X) design report of what your customer needs to see on your website’s pages so that your visitors can have the very best customer experience possible.

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Creative briefs:  Comprehensive creative briefs, recommended site organization, site architecture, content strategy, messaging and more

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Digital marketing plan:  We cancel out the noise and the clutter with sniper-like precision. We narrow down to only the marketing channels that make sense for your business.

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Prototypes, mockups & mood boards: High fidelity mockups of your brand new website, design examples and much much more

If you decide to purchase this as a stand-alone product simply hand this document off to any designer, or have your in-house team execute the principles inside.

In the end, this document lays out a map, follow that map to your treasure chest of success.

Thrive – a Fully Custom Strategy-Based Website: starting at $7K-10K+

Our flagship solution ‘Thrive’ includes our proven S.M.A.R.T™ Roadmap ( listed above), where we dive deep into your business, your customers, and your competition to figure out the very best online strategy for your business. We’ll then design a fully custom website that best serves that strategy. As with all of our web design projects, the goal is to get as many conversions for your business as possible.

Prosper – our Strategy-Based Semi-Custom Websites: starting at $4K-7K

Prosper was developed for smaller businesses with tighter budgets, our semi-custom websites still begin with the same thorough discovery process, our S.M.A.R.T™ Roadmap and are still based on the same customer generation strategy. The only difference is in the design/development phase.

Rather than starting from scratch in our web design process, we speed things up by incorporating your custom S.M.A.R.T™ Roadmap strategy into a beautiful WordPress theme that will best support our plan. But we don’t stop there. We customize the theme with your content, your colors, your branding, and images. So in the end, it won’t look semi-custom at all. It will look 100% customized for your business, at a much lower cost.

fast-track – Custom ppc/cro strategy: starting at $2k 

Our custom built solution for businesses that need funnels. We build custom landing pages and PPC products, for specific events, product launches or promotions. Built with agility in mind we will help your company make more money by combining intelligent PPC marketing strategies and beautiful creative landing page design along with iteration and testing. What you have in the end is a product that can super charge your marketing efforts and sky-rocket revenues at a moments notice. Some of the benifits you’ll are: 

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Quality Traffic: All traffic isn’t created equal. We work on only bringing you the traffic with the highest intent to convert.

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Fair Pricing: We do both PPC & CRO for our clients and usually charge less than 10% of ad spend.

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Complete Ownership: You keep everything from accounts to creatives. From AdWords to landing pages, they’re always yours.

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Social Advertising: We help you advertise more effectively on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, without raising our prices.

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Custom Reporting: See all your marketing stats in one place. Plus, weekly action items will be sent to you every Monday.

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Display/Retargeting Ads: Bring back lost conversions and attract brand new ones at lower costs than other channels.

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Conversion Copywriting: We carefully craft all copy on ads and landing pages that get your visitors to convert.

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Competition Reconnaissance Intelligence: Always know what keywords, ads and landing pages your competitors are using. We’ll use that to fuel your growth.

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